What is Grass?

Grass is the world’s first Layer 2 Data Rollup. It exists as a source for AI training data, which it obtains from public websites using a vast network of web scraping nodes. These nodes are operated voluntarily by residential internet users, and users are rewarded for their participation. Data procured on the network is then cleaned and processed into structured datasets before being added to Grass’s growing data repository for use in AI training.

How does Grass support the growth of AI?

To train an AI model requires large amount of training data. The easiest place to find this is on the internet, but it can be difficult to access from commercial data centers. A decentralized network works best.

This is where Grass comes in. Grass can be used to scrape many kinds of data from the public web and produce structured datasets that can be read by AI models. Without this training data, AI can’t exist, so Grass is the first step in any AI development: the Data Layer of AI.

What is Wynd Labs?

Wynd Labs is a contributor to Grass. They are working to make AI transparent, ethical, and fair, and Grass is one of the ways they’re attempting to do this.

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