Grass Points

How to Earn Grass Points

Earning Grass Points happens in two primary ways: (1) Using (2) Referrals

1. Usage

Earn points by using Grass and maintaining your network connection.

2. Referrals

Primary Referrals: After downloading Grass, you'll receive a referral link to invite others. Each time your referral link results in a successful download, your Grass Points will increase by 20% of your referred user's uptime points indefinitely.

Secondary Referrals: When someone you've invited shares their invite, your points will increase by 10% of that secondary referee's uptime points indefinitely.

Tertiary Referrals: When someone within the second level of your referral network shares an invite, your points will grow by 5% of the third-level referee's uptime points indefinitely.

Referral Bonuses

  • New Referrals will receive a 5,000-point bonus upon reaching 100 hours of uptime

  • New referrers will receive a 2,500-point bonus upon their referral reaching 100 hours of uptime.

Note: commissions (20/10/5%) are not subject to the 100hr uptime threshold.

Tiered System

In the Tiered System, the accumulation of points is contingent upon your referral count. Progress through ranks from Iron to Titan for increased bonuses and rewards.

Rank Breakdown
  • Titan Rank Cutoff:

    • 49,616,939.00 Points or 221 invites.

    • Reward 250k

  • Vanguard Rank Cutoff:

    • 7,394,899.99 Points or 185 invites.

    • Reward 100k

  • Conqueror Rank Cutoff:

    • 2,767,564.12 Points or 154 invites.

    • Reward 50k

  • Diamond Rank Cutoff:

    • 375,443.13 Points or 136 invites.

    • Reward 19k

  • Emerald Rank Cutoff:

    • 118,247.20 Points or 86 invites.

    • Reward 6k

  • Platinum Rank Cutoff:

    • 36,351.14 Points or 34 invites.

    • Reward 1.8k

  • Gold Rank Cutoff:

    • 11,351.30 Points or 17 invites.

    • Reward 565

  • Silver Rank Cutoff:

    • 2,595.00 Points or 11 invites.

    • Reward 130

  • Bronze Rank Cutoff:

    • 373.00 Points or 6 invites.

    • Reward 20

  • Iron Rank Cutoff:

    • 0.00 Points or 0 invites

Epoch System

Epochs are distinct time periods during which you can accumulate points, viewable in a snapshot on the dashboard. Our epoch system will visualizes your monthly points earnings. Your total number of points will stay the same for beta, but the dashboard will show you how much you've earned each month.

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