Fee Market

The costs of executing web transactions on the network are dynamic to reflect the supply and demand of resources at the point of execution.

The gas fees consumed by requests on a network is denoted as GG and the parameters are as follows:

  • gg for the Geography of the target node

  • rr for the Reputation of the target node

  • tt for the Traffic type

  • bb for the Bandwidth consumed

  • cc for the Network congestion factor

G=(kgg+krr+ktt+kbb)(1+kcc)G = \left( k_g \cdot g + k_r \cdot r + k_t \cdot t + k_b \cdot b \right) \cdot \left( 1 + k_c \cdot c \right)

and kg,kr,kt,kb,k_g, k_r, k_t, k_b, ​ and kck_c are coefficients that determine the impact of each parameter on the gas fee.

The weights applied to each parameter are dynamic and will adjust according to network usage.

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