Set up Grass Node

The Grass application enables a user's device to become a Grass Node. The Grass network uses the device's unused internet bandwidth for web data scraping, offering rewards in return. This web data is transformed into structured AI datasets. Thus, Grass allows you to contribute to AI!

The network is not using your computer or viewing anything that you’re doing on it. All Grass is doing is routing internet traffic through your IP address, which is completely separate from your activity. That means zero access to your personal data.

Steps to start using Grass

Step 1: Download the web extension.

Step 2: Sign up with your email address. Grass is currently in beta so you will need to head over to our Discord or Twitter for a referral link. Don’t worry - you’ll see plenty of them in the replies.

Step 3: Click on “Connect.” You’ll be able to view your connection and watch the points roll in. Sit back and relax!

That's it! With every online browsing session, you will passively earn Grass Points and gain a stake in the AI revolution. 🌱

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