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What is Grass?
Grass is a network sharing application that allows you to sell your idle network resources, such as unused home internet bandwidth.
What is Wynd Network?
Wynd Network is the first transparent node marketplace. Initially catering to laptops, with mobile devices coming soon.
Are there any restrictions or limitations on using Grass?
If two or more accounts are on the same Wi-Fi network only one account will earn rewards. Grass cannot be used with a VPN enabled.
That’s it, if you’re on a residential network, get in!
How much will I earn?
As an early user of Grass, not only will you be able to earn up to $30 per month by selling your unused network resources, but you will also have a unique opportunity to own a piece of the network itself.
We're committed to rewarding our early adopters by granting them a stake in a network that is destined to index the entire web one day. By joining Grass, you're not just selling unused bandwidth, you're stepping into the future of the internet and shaping its landscape. Secure your place today in this revolution and be a part of something that is set to redefine the online world.
How do I get paid my rewards?
Grass rewards will automatically be credited to your account. While direct cash-out options aren’t currently supported, we’re exploring additional payment methods, including gift cards, with updates to be shared with our community.
What are network resources?
In the context of Grass, network resources refers to bandwidth. Bandwidth is what determines the capacity of your internet connection to transmit data. Think of bandwidth as a pipe with water flowing through; the diameter of the pipe represents the bandwidth of the connection - the wider the pipe, the more water it can carry at once, and the faster it can flow.
Grass enables you to monetize your unused network resources (ie bandwidth). If you pay for unlimited home wifi, it’s very likely you have idle bandwidth, and we make it easy to sell it to earn passive income.
Who uses my network resources?
Grass will allow you to sell your unused network resource to companies that are carefully vetted by Wynd Network. These companies would include Fortune 500s, as well as institutions like Colleges and Universities.
Why do buyers want my unused network resources?
Buyers seek unused network resources to access a more diverse range of IP addresses, which enables them to see certain websites from a retail perspective. By utilizing your idle network resources, they can conduct market research, or perform tasks like web scraping or training AI. This enables buyers to obtain access to services they might otherwise be unable to reach, all while you earn passive income from your unused resources.
Can I download Grass on multiple devices?
While you can download Grass on multiple devices, if they’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you’ll only accrue earnings on whichever device is connected to the network first.
How do I ensure my personal data is protected while using Grass?
Protecting our users is our top priority. Your data is not utilized by either Grass or Wynd Network. We are very thorough when vetting the companies who pay for your network resources, and our browser extension does not have access to any data on your computer. You can use Grass with confidence knowing that your personal data is safe and secure.
How does the referral system work?
  1. 1.
    Direct Referrals: When you join Grass, you receive a unique referral link. If someone uses your link to download and use Grass, you get a bonus of 20% of the Grass Points that they earn. This is ongoing, meaning as long as your referred user keeps earning Grass Points, your bonus continues to grow.
  2. 2.
    Extended Referrals: Beyond just your direct referrals, the system rewards you when your referrals refer others.
    • Secondary Points: If a person you referred (a direct referral) successfully refers another user (a secondary referral), you gain an extra 10% of the Grass Points that the secondary referral earns. This continues indefinitely, increasing your points as long as the secondary referral keeps earning.
    • Tertiary Points: If a secondary referral from your network refers another person (a tertiary referral), you earn an additional 5% of the Grass Points that the tertiary referral earns. Again, this continues indefinitely, as long as the tertiary referral keeps earning points.
In essence, the more active users you refer and the more active users they refer, the more Grass Points you earn. It's a system designed to reward the contribution of each user to the growth of the Grass community.
What are the variables that go into network score?
Variables that go into network score:
Geography - Certain locations have higher demand for bandwidth.
Traffic - Public networks and VPNs provide lower scores due to high network traffic.